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Critical Core is Out Now!


Harness the power ​of therapeutic gaming with Critical Core.

What is Critical Core?

Critical Core is so much more than a tabletop role-playing game. Using the power of play for plays sake and designed as an alternative to traditional social skills training programs, Critical Core invites children to enter a shared world of fantasy and social problem solving to build social confidence and empowers them to flourish socially on their own terms. Developed under the guidance of autistics, therapists, educators, psychologists and using the practices developed by Game to Grow, Critical Core will change the way you understand tabletop role-playing games.

Critical Core combines modern developmental therapies with the mechanics of tabletop role-playing games to help kids connect with their families, their friends, and the world around them. Players build social confidence, communication and collaboration skills, develop frustration tolerance, emotional resilience, and caring for others, all while rolling dice and having fun.

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