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The Critical Core digital kit has everything needed to play. The game has been tuned to be as easy as possible to get started and stay engaged. The digital version has all of the material from the box set, however you will need your own dice.

Facilitator's Guide

Our facilitator's guide is packed with best practices and tips to help parents and professionals run effective game groups. For example, the guide explains how to:

  • Help kids who may often struggle to fit in to feel welcome and valuable

  • Build social confidence for kids who have struggled with friendships

  • Support the development of self-advocacy skills during group work

  • Use game events to provide opportunities to view events and feelings from other perspectives, even when emotions are heightened and intense  

  • Support formation of friendships and caring for others 

  • Manage group dynamics when conflict emerges

  • Adjust the game for a range of player needs


Game Master's Guide

Quick-start rules for game masters. Critical Core is adapted from the standard rules document of the world’s most popular tabletop role-playing game. Regardless of experience level, game masters can dive in and begin running groups, with the simplified rules making elements of the game mechanics easier than any other tabletop role-playing game to pick-up and play.


3 Starter Adventure Modules

Critical Core's adventure modules are specifically designed based on over a decade of experience running therapeutic game groups. More adventures will continue to be designed and released.

  • Each module features a complete story in which a team of adventurers—your players— work together as heroic protagonists to avert disaster, triumph over adversity, and ultimately save the world. While they do so, they build social-emotional confidence and problem-solving skills. Players practice reading, math, organizing belongings, communicating emotions, working as a team, gray-area thinking, and perspective-taking, all without feeling like they’re in a classroom or a clinic!

  • Using a unique story-design structure called the DOTS system, story moments called “game encounters” are mapped to Core Capacities, a typology of social and emotional skills built on the established frameworks of the DIR/Floortime model of Functional Emotional Developmental Capacities (FEDC) combined with the Game to Grow team's training in human development, family therapy, and education.

  • Gameplay is balanced, featuring encounters full of role-play, combat, and exploration. There are moments of drama and comedy, hope and fear, triumph and disaster, all designed to keep players engaged and eager to come back session after session.


Pre-generated Character Sheets

A set of illustrated pre-generated character sheets help new game masters and players to get started quickly, reflecting Critical Core's adapted and simplified game mechanics.

Spell Cards, Monster Cards, and Ability Cards

Useful visualization aids and quick reference cards for remembering key game mechanics.

Game Tokens

Printable tokens that can be used to visually represent player characters and non-player characters / monsters.


World Map

An ultra high resolution printable map of Toverus - the world of Critical Core. You'll find lots of details that will spark your imagination if you want to build your own adventures.

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